Michigan Builders Pre-License Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get A Michigan Builders License

If you want to start a career in construction in the state of Michigan, you need to be appropriately licensed. Even if your background includes working on job sites or having multiple years of personal building experience, obtaining your Michigan builders license is essential.

There Are 3 Steps To Getting Your Michigan Builders License

The Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) provides a detailed list of the steps you must take to get your Michigan contractor license; this includes residential maintenance and alterations contractors as well. Here is a basic overview of what you must do.

  • 1Complete the 60 hours of required pre-license education at a LARA-approved sponsor, such as MichiganBuildersLicense.com.
  • 2Mail your Michigan Builders License application and Course Completion Certificate to the State of Michigan.
  • 3Take and pass the Residential Builder examination and receive your Michigan Builders License.

Below is a detailed description of each step.

    What Is Step 1 To Getting Your Michigan Builders License?
    What Is Step 2 To Getting Your Michigan Builders License?
    What is Step 3 To Getting Your Michigan Builders License?
    What Is Covered On The Michigan Builders License Exam?
    What Do I Need To Know When Preparing for the Michigan Builders License Exam?
    What Does It Cost To Take The Michigan Builders License Exam?
    What Happens Once I Pass The Michigan Builders License Exam?

In construction, the saying, "Do it right the first time," is often heard. We believe it also applies to getting your Michigan Builders License. Prepare for your future with a reputable company that can provide you with what you need to succeed.

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We know choosing the right provider and course is a big decision. In fact, selecting the wrong one could cost you thousands of dollars or even your builders license.

Whether you are obtaining or renewing your Michigan Builders License it's extremely important to choose the best education partner. Your Michigan Builders License is your livelihood, your business, and your future. Don't trust that to just anyone.

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