Michigan Builders Continuing Competency Frequently Asked Questions

Michigan Builders License is excited to offer state approved pre-license courses that meet the requirements for Continuing Competency. State law now requires you to prove that you have completed a specific number of Continuing Competency hours in order to renew your license. Our company is ready to assist you in this process and make it as simple as possible.

Frequently Asked Question's

    Is your company approved by the state to teach pre-license courses that meet the requirements for Continuing Competency?
    What Is Continuing Competency?
    Why Is Continuing Competency Required?
    I have been licensed for 10 years, shouldn't I be grandfathered from having to take Michigan Continuing Competency?
    How many hours of Michigan Continuing Competency do I need to take to avoid losing my license?
    Can I just take all my Michigan Continuing Competency at one time or do I have to take a certain number of hours per year?
    How long do I have to maintain records of Continuing Competency I have completed?
    How do I prove to the state that I have completed my Continuing Competency requirements when I renew my license?
    What’s Covered in the Continuing Competency Course?
    Aside from the 1 hour in building codes and laws, 1 hour in safety, and 1 hour in changes in business and construction management law, what are the "other topics?" covered in the 21-Hour Continuing Competency Course?
    Where can I take the Contractor Continuing Education Course?
    Can I complete my Continuing Competency online?
    Where can I get the most current dates and locations of the Contractor Continuing Education Courses?

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