Why is continuing education required to renew my license?

Why is continuing education required to renew my license?

We asked our lead instructor Sid this question and here was his response:

Well, let's look at continuing education as a way to reduce your liability. And those that have taken my classes, in fact, know I really stress about constantly being aware to reduce your liability. One of the things that continuing comp does is bring you up to date, one with code changes, my OSHA changes, which are happening on a regular basis, and also business changes.

We cover some of this stuff, in the past three years and six years ago. And some of the people are still not wearing the fact, for example, trust fund act. People don't understand that if they didn't get paid by a general contractor, there's another way to collect money, rather than putting a lien on the property.

That's old stuff, but we still repeat it because some of the people are still not used to that. And in a recent class we just had, they totally missed the fact that there's been MIOSHA changes, especially in fall protection and that they've been brought up to date, not only with fall protection, but having an action prevention program for their company.

If you have employees, you have to have an accident prevention program in place. And then one of the things that I discovered today in our earlier class, some of these guys don't know that for the owners of companies, is they need a competent person who has a first aid card in their possession. And so by continuing comp, we stay up to date with the billing code, with MIOSHA requirements, and also a new business practice that are taking place.

Anybody can be a contractor, but it's a whole new story to be a business person, a business person not only has to know how to do construction, but how to manage a business. And I think the three hour comp class helps people to get that information to become a better business person.

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