Ways to Get Your Business Ready for Building Season

Ways to Get Your Business Ready for Building Season

Ways to Get Your Business Ready for Building Season

Are You Geared Up to Take on Building Season?

Being prepared for the busiest part of building season should be at the top of your priority list. Get the ball rolling by strategizing to maximize you and your team's efforts to accomplish the projects you are heading up. We’ve got several great tips to help you as this building season approaches.

Review Scheduled Projects for Spring & Summer

Review your schedule and see where you can make adjustments to accommodate utilizing the resources you have available to you. Whether that’s hired help, supplies, advancements in technology, or use of robotics, you need to strategize to best utilize everything at your fingertips to keep up with the season you have ahead. 

Fill Schedule Gaps with Additional Projects

While at first you might feel that your schedule looks pretty full, if you plan on growing from the year before you need to assess where you can generate more income. If it means bringing in more varieties of building projects or expanding your network, do it! If it simply means you need to hire a few more employees to take on a handful more projects where you are specialized because people want you to work for them, then do it! Take on the work, but only take it on if you have a way to see it to the finish line. 

Hire & Train New Team Members

As you consider your work and potentially take on even more projects, it’s key to be on top of proper hiring and onboarding of new team members. Make sure you have those positions you need to hire for available on relevant job posting sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, your company site, and social media. By hitting online platforms of a wide range, you open the door to new, potentially more well-matched talent for what your company desires to have.

Once new members are interviewed and it’s time to bring them in, have an onboarding process ready to walk them through every step they need to be successful in their position. Whether it is in the office or on the job site, they should feel they have the knowledge and resources to do their job to the best of their ability.

Gear up to help those who need additional training or certifications to continually qualify for the work they are doing. If it means re-certification needs to happen in the middle of a big project. Get it done! The last thing you want to do is lose an exceptional employee for simply not having kept up with their continuing ed courses or noticing they needed better guidance from you or a manager.

Build Team Morale

There are a multitude of benefits by having your team get together outside of working hours to hang out, become friends, share hobbies, and get to know each other better. Not only does this help build a stronger bonded team in the workplace, it fosters trust and confidence in one another. It provides better morale and overall work ethic improvement.

When at work, throw in a team building exercise now and then to break up a long day. It’ll get your team talking to one another. With machines running, music blasting, and people scurrying around getting their job done, it can be an afterthought to take time to regroup and interact, so make time.

Be Prepared for The Worst

Many construction and building related jobs leave you outdoors where you are depending on Mother Nature to get the job done. Heat advisories, damaging storms, rain days and high winds can all be uncontrollable situations you need to be prepared to take off work for. Likewise there can be uncontrolled delays in materials arriving because of import delays, sourcing issues, or demands. Always make sure you have backup options to utilize in those crunch times.

We want to see you stamp the golden seal of approval on all of your upcoming projects this season and hope you find the above tips help you create a great strategy and system to tackle the busy season ahead!