Understanding The License Renewal Process

Understanding The License Renewal Process

Understanding The License Renewal Process

Renewing your license is a necessary task for many professionals, including builders. While the process may seem tedious, we are here to assist you in making it as easy as possible. The renewal process for builders’ licenses in Michigan changed in 2020, requiring all renewals to be completed online through the state of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). 

As a part of the renewal process, builders are required to complete continuing competency courses every three years. These courses aim to provide builders with the latest knowledge and skills necessary to keep up with changes in the industry. 

Continuing Competency 

The number of continuing competency hours you must have depends on the years you have been licensed. Continuing competency courses include MiOSHA Updates, Business and Law topics, and Michigan Building Code Updates.  

We at Michigan Builders License offer various continuing competency courses that can help you meet your requirements. Click here to learn more.

Registering/Renewing with LARA

Renewing your license with LARA requires registering for an account and linking your license to that account. If you still need an account, use this link to sign up! 

If you already have an account, the following link will provide step-by-step directions on how to renew. In order to renew, your license must be linked to your account

Additionally, it is essential to note that renewals can only be completed using the website up to 90 days before license expiration. By following the step-by-step directions on the LARA website, you can ensure a smooth and timely renewal process for your license.