What does somebody need to do in order to renew their license?

What does somebody need to do in order to renew their license?

We asked our lead instructor Sid this question and here was his response:

All right. Again, in order to renew your license, in order to do it legally, you're going to have to take a three hour, continuing comp class.

Going to have to have the code book, but more importantly, you're going to have to do your license application online and until that gets changed, that's the only way you can do it.

Now, if you make the mistake of sending in an application and check, they're simply going to send it back. At present, that's the way it's going to work and you're going to have ...

If you wait towards your expiration date and you mail it in, by the time you it get back, you might be over that time limit. So right now you have to renew online. That's the only option.


When will I get a Renewal Notice? 


Michigan Builders License will notify everybody that's taken classes within the past through a public mailer.

When you get that mailer, there'll be an email and a phone number that you can call or go online and double check our date.

It's going to be pretty intense this year with the number of classes because we have a new location now.

You can call. I'll give you a phone number. You can call (800) 456-4020. That way, you can get quicker updates, but also go online. 

We look forward to having a great season this next year because of our new location in Livonia.

NoteThe state of Michigan no longer sends out renwal by mail notices, there will be a post card sent notifying licensees that the online portal is open. The portal will open on or aound 3/1/20. Contiuing competency courses must be completed Prior to renewing with the online portal. You can access the portal here

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