Take Action to Prevent MIOSHA Fines

Take Action to Prevent MIOSHA Fines

Take Action to Prevent MIOSHA Fines

Slips, falls, and other various workplace accidents occur and it’s crucial employers are taking into account the severity it can cause to not only the individuals involved but also their company’s longevity.

The last thing you want to experience during your busiest season of the year is a visit from MIOSHA (Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration) due to a report from someone ignoring the rules and having an accident… Or even worse, perishing on the job. In the state of Michigan, there were 49 MIOSHA-related deaths in 2021. There is a reason rules and regulations are meant to be followed.

What Is MIOSHA’s Purpose?

MIOSHA’s role is to ensure that employers are following the rules and regulations put in place to assure a safe and healthy work environment for every employee at all times. When an employer is found in violation of any of these rules and regulations, they are subject to fines specified to the violation made. So what actions can be taken to prevent a visit or receiving a fine?

Taking Action

It is imperative that construction businesses keep up to date and comply with MIOSHA’s standards. This can be done effectively by appointing a health and safety officer to oversee all regulations, rules, and implementation for your business.

By having a point of contact to manage MIOSHA compliance, you have the ability to hone in on potential hazards, address issues readily with understanding of the rules, and schedule proper training for employees to participate in that will help them reduce or prevent injury, accidents, or death.

A specified officer is also able to help manage cautionary signage in the proper locations for individuals to advise. When the right actions are taken to prevent issues from happening, you greatly minimize the potential for violations to occur.

With continued educational training, contractors can stay relevant with changes, revisions, and new additions to the standards they need to follow to prevent hazards on the job. You can find the complete health and safety standards for construction here.