Spring 2022 Construction Trends

Spring 2022 Construction Trends

Spring 2022 Construction Trends

Spring has sprung and so have the opportunities to hop on trends that will help boost your construction business in 2022. Here are a few that are sure to impact your construction business in Spring and beyond.

Retail Construction Design

Stores are continuing to take on new looks and incorporate more automation into their shopper experience. With that comes the need for store designs that make more sense and allow for fluid shopper movement from start to finish. For instance, grocery stores are increasing the amount of self-checkout lines available. They need space for not only the machines, but also to comfortably allow customers to move in and out of the checkout stations. Having a contractor that knows the importance of this to lay out the floor plan to accommodate really goes a long way.

Sustainability Innovations

Construction clients are leaning towards building in more sustainable ways. Most can gain access to tax credits for choosing eco-friendly designs and materials while others simply want the designation put on them for choosing a greener option. As the shift to climate change restoration continues, builders can expect to see more creative and sustainable material options and designs being used in 2022.

Emphasis on Cost Efficiencies

Reducing costs, or being able to manage them better, has been a hot topic for quite some time. With new technologies on the rise and the ability to outsource the need to own equipment, the emphasis has become greater. Renting equipment or buying used will continue to trend because they both allow construction businesses to keep up with technology and lower their overall price point. The implementation of more technology for standardized practices such as progress photography by drones, automated time tracking, and design programs all have been shown to increase the reduction of overall business costs greatly. These trends for Spring are leading construction companies in a positive direction. Consider the areas of your business that need improvement and see how these trends could make a difference to the projects you are working on!