Residential Home Construction Trends

Residential Home Construction Trends

Residential Home Construction Trends

Building residential homes in 2022 has come with new trends that helped advance the residential construction industry. We’ve identified four notable trends to consider as you continue to plan out residential homes for the remainder of this year. 

Green Building

Our world as a whole has been making the shift to green, sustainable resources and ways of living to help promote a better environment. FInding ways to sustainably source materials, recycle, reuse or restore old or lightly used materials, and create something magnificent from it all is what’s grabbed the attention and hearts of homeowners across the country. Beina a part of the green movement is becoming increasingly important. 

Not only does building a green home make you eco-friendly, it also allows homeowners to have lower cost maintenance in the long run. Going green can be as simple as what kinds of materials are being used to build the house, down to the type of lightbulbs an individual wants in their home.

Smart Home Systems

Technology is another big trend to take note of and build into your construction plans for homeowners. Integrating voice-activated systems, wiring in dimmer switches, and setting up self-regulating software on many home devices helps get homeowners ready to use their technologically advanced “smart homes” at the snap of a finger. 

New Materials To Build With

Going along with the above trend of green building, new materials that are more sustainable and/or better quality are being tested or utilized in a larger residential home scale. Contractors have the ability to use recycled materials, engineered woods, or a 3D printer to construct homes in a new way.

Automation and Robotics

Utilizing automation and robotics to construct residential homes has taken out some of the guesswork of construction. There is always a slight risk to relying heavily on technology, however, it’s helped save contractors time and money to implement automation of various office work. Robotics, though still new, is catching on with companies who have a hard time keeping their timelines on track due to unreliable workers. Drones and 3D printing have been the biggest stars of the show in this category.