Navigating the Construction Industry Post-COVID-19: Trends and Tips

Navigating the Construction Industry Post-COVID-19: Trends and Tips

Navigating the Construction Industry Post-COVID-19: Trends and Tips

Navigating the Construction Industry Post-COVID-19: Trends and Tips

With new construction industry trends that have recently emerged from months of reduced or even nonexistent workloads, the pandemic has taught all how to think outside the box and be more online-based when it comes to getting the job done.

As the #1 contractor training school in the state of Michigan, it goes without saying that we relied heavily on our online courses when the state mandates prohibited us from operating in person. 

We’ve put together some recent trends we’ve noticed throughout the pandemic, as well as tips to help keep your construction business thriving.

3 Industry Trends to Look Out For

1. Prefabrication

Prefabrication could be used in more projects in the future. We saw a lot of prefabrication projects happen when field hospitals for coronavirus were deployed within days.

Some benefits to prefabrication include: saving money, meeting project timelines more often, improving physical safety, no frequent weather forecast checks, and helping contractors stay competitive with an individual timeline that’s more easily predictable. 

Last, another advantage of prefabrication is the construction project existing in a factory environment, which improves workmanship and reduces interaction among crews.

2. Drones

The use of drones for site surveys and project supervision could increase. 

Employing these devices during a coronavirus outbreak allowed supervisors to survey an important construction site while minimizing personal interaction. 

Using drones is also a safer and more efficient option, even when social distancing is not an issue.

3. Ever-Shifting Market Trends + More Competition

A shift in market trends and more competition is possible. 

There was a substantial decline in the construction of retail businesses, movie theaters, hotels, and restaurants versus an increased demand for roads, highways, bridges, sewer, and water. The fluctuations in demand for what was being built during the pandemic have given rise to more contractors keeping a closer eye on market trends while adjusting their bidding and job procurement strategies accordingly.

3 Tips to Give You That Leg Up Post COVID-19

1. Flexibility

As we provide contractor training online and in person, we believe that flexibility has always been an essential trait in any construction business. The pandemic has proven that to ring true more than ever. 

Some questions that might help you address where you are at when it comes to flexibility would be: 

  • Do you need to consider expanding the types of projects you take on?
  • Do you need to revisit your inventory management practices?
  • How about reconsidering some workforce management policies?
  • Does your supply chain need more diversity?
  • Do you need to consider expanding to different markets (i.e. commercial vs. residential, private vs. government)?

2. Get Your Networking Game On

Reconnecting and strengthening your network is as essential as ever, no matter what stage you’re in... if you’re just revving back up for new projects, or if you’ve been back in business for a few months now. A solid professional network makes a huge difference when it comes to getting referrals and growing your business. 

Doing this increases your visibility to future clients and helps you tap into any new future projects on the horizon. Reconnecting can be as simple as sending an email, attending a Zoom meeting, attending networking events, or meeting in-person with business owners. 

3. Prepare for the Future of Construction

Move your business towards more technological, future-proof solutions. 

New technological solutions provide long-lasting solutions for business obstacles and low productivity rates while making the construction workplace a more specific, more efficient, and profitable setting across the US. 

IoT and advanced analytics can allow construction machinery, equipment, materials, structures, and more to talk to a central data platform. Other technologies, like sensors and near-field-communication (NFC) devices, can monitor productivity and reliability.

Building materials represent a $1 trillion global industry. With new building materials, such as aerogels, self-healing concrete, and nanomaterials, you can lower costs and speed up construction, and in turn, improve quality and safety.

Design management, materials management, QC, crew tracking, etc., are just a few techniques that will give your business the simplicity it may desperately need. 

Additionally, with proven positive feedback from past students who attended our Bookkeeper/Quickbooks courses, this makes contractor training a breeze for an entry-level employee or office assistant! We offer different bundles for these courses, as well, depending on your business’ needs.

We’re Here For You

Overall, we realize that your company’s survival is at an all-time high while vaccines roll out and people get back to work. Now, get out there and build! We are proud to be your #1 contractor training solution for builders in the state of Michigan!