LEAN Construction: Tips For Top Performance

LEAN Construction: Tips For Top Performance

LEAN Construction: Tips For Top Performance

Would you honestly consider your construction business to be at its top performance level? If you answered no, then we’ve got some helpful tips to help get you on track to achieving your best performance yet!

Increase Your Productivity With Lean Construction

It’s easy to lose sight of simple ways to keep your crew and staff running efficiently, and wastefulness can be found throughout your business when you start looking for it. By implementing Lean construction principles in your business, improvements will be seen greatly in achieving your bottom line.

We use the acronym DOWNTIME to analyze 8 prominent areas of waste to focus on for improvement. DOWNTIME stands for Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-used skills, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, and Energy. Now, here are a few lean-oriented tips you can begin to implement for an efficient construction business:

    • Make your instructions clear in their delivery using the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. 
    • If placing a request or order far in advance of when you’ll be receiving product, materials, or equipment for any project, follow up with an e-mail or written communication with a confirmation.
    • Construction, much of the time, requires new employees to have hands-on experience to be successful at the tasks they are assigned to do. Ensuring that they are given the opportunity to replicate what they’ve been taught as they learn, can help assure the teacher they are adequately trained.
    • Projects, tasks, and assignments should be planned and drawn up to the level of understanding and competency of the people charged with executing them. Don’t make it harder than it has to be for your team to execute your projects.
    • Be prepared to take action to refocus or realign employees' attention when they get upset or frustrated with a project. We all have bad days, but helping support our team creates a better outcome for the whole crew.
    • Clear communication fosters better relationships with your employees, customers, and suppliers. Remember that being concise and to the point can help relay a message that is better understood. Instead of assuming someone understands what you are asking of them, communicate to confirm they understand. If they don’t, ask how they could better explain what you need.

Can I Be Lean Construction Certified?

Becoming Lean Construction certified in Michigan is easy with our 6-hour course. You will get to learn everything from what wastes your downtime to the 5S System for workplace organization to keep you on track and running efficiently. Taking this course is a no-brainer for those who want to take their construction business to the next level and achieve greater results.