How to be prepared for the Spring

How to be prepared for the Spring

We asked our lead instructor Sid this question and here was his response:

I'm in the field nearly every day like you guys are. In fact, I had to take a moment to take care of this for you before I go out to a job site.

One of the things I want you to be aware of is be prepared for spring. And last year you guys got yourselves in a bind because of the wet weather, and some of these guys had to rent pump trucks, and we're talking five, six grand a day, for a mistake cause we didn't plan ahead. That's a tremendous impact on your profit and your losses, okay?

So again, watch the weather. Be aware of your ground conditions and plan ahead of time allowing for these impacts. If nothing else, have weather conditions can constitute an upcharge. But don't get stuck like you guys did last year because of the wet ground conditions that we had for nearly two months. Okay.

The other thing about being prepared for doggone spring is, have all your paperwork in order. When was the last time you had your contracts review? You know, take a look at your contracts one more time. Make sure you're up to date on your first aid card, your first aid supplies.

And also, it's common sense, but are your tools operating the way they're supposed to be or is it time to change some of them out? Okay.