How is putting your continuing competency off dangerous?

How is putting your continuing competency off dangerous?

We asked our lead instructor Sid this question and here was his response:

“Well, putting off your continued comp is dangerous in the respect that you're taking a chance on your license expiring if you forget to do your continuing comp. If your license expires, you've got a grace period of 60 days, where all you have to do is pay the late fees.


But if you wait longer than that, there's a chance that you might forget totally, and if you go past three years, then you're going to have to sit and redo all the requirements over again, possibly having to take a 60 hour class and also taking the test again.


It depends on circumstances at the time of your renewal. When putting it off, let's say I want to put it off this month, and then I forget I put it off next month, the chances are you have a good chance of forgetting to do it and then you'll be left with some serious consequences after the fact.


So you're saying that even somebody that didn't have to take a 60 hour course previously, let's say they took it back in 1980, where you just had to pass an exam, they would have to go through an entire 60 hour course, and then they would also have to retest just to requalify for their license. Is that correct?


Yeah, those are the options available, and having to retest is not the easiest thing, because there's a whole lot more restrictive requirements than there was back in the 80s or even the 90s.


So for example, you need to have some knowledge of accounting and some other issues as well, and those contractors that took it way back when didn't have to meet those same requirements. Today they would have to meet that, and possibly have a tough time taking the test over again and passing it.


All right. That's good information as far as why not to postpone renewing your builder's license. Thank you very much.”

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