How Full Service Construction Companies Create the Greatest Profits

How Full Service Construction Companies Create the Greatest Profits

How Full Service Construction Companies Create the Greatest Profits

“Full service” construction companies in the heavy industrial and civil sectors are considered the most profitable type of construction company. This means that they handle development, design, engineering, project management, construction and procurement, and maintain an experienced and diverse staff with a variety of skill sets.


The team at a full service construction company includes general contractors, construction managers, and engineers. From the pre-planning stages, to site excavation, to the coordination of subcontractors, and communication with the client, a full service construction company handles all of the aspects of your project. This ensures a cohesive, timely, and on-budget result that removes stress from the client.


Not only does working with a full service company make things easier for the client, but ultimately can save the client money in the long run. Here’s how:



  • Already Know the Right Subcontractors


One established, an experienced company will already have great relationships with well-priced subcontractors. In many cases, these relationships mean discounted or at least very competitive rates that lead to big savings for their clients. 



  • Management of Expectations


A full service construction company will be part of budget planning for the entire project, which can help with managing a client’s expectations from the start. Not only will the client have realistic expectations, but a company who helps to set the budget is much more likely to stay within it.



  • Buying Materials in Bulk


Large full service companies enjoy the added benefit of buying their materials in bulk - a huge savings that can then be passed on to the client. When using a variety of smaller subcontractors, clients are less likely to benefit from bulk discounts.



  • Time Savings


Time is money, and the longer that a project drags on, the more it costs a client - in opportunity cost, labor costs, machinery rental costs, etc. Working with a company that manages the entire timeline from start to finish helps to ensure that subcontractors are scheduled at the appropriate times, equipment is rented for no longer than necessary, and personnel on-site are not idle.


Many clients are too busy or overwhelmed to manage a large-scale construction project. In many cases, they lack experience or interest. The majority of clients appreciate the know-how, connections, organization, and cost-savings that come with a full service construction company. While saving a client money is usually enough to earn their business, removing stress and staying on-schedule ensures that you will keep them and earn their referral business. By also building relationships with reliable subcontractors, you can watch your bottom line skyrocket.