DIY Aluminum Can Burners

DIY Aluminum Can Burners

DIY Aluminum Can Burners

Survival gear can be expensive, heavy, and prone to breaking down.

Having some gear around is a great idea, but relying on it too much can be a mistake, especially when it comes to filling an essential need like food preparation.

DIY Aluminum Can Burners

Though you might have stoves and burners around for this purpose, this is a low cost project for creating an alternate source of heat for cooking food and sanitizing water.

These can burners, also known as hobo stoves, give you a quick, cheap, and easy flame to cook with.

Having this knowledge under your belt could be your ticket to staying fed in a pinch or just help out as a cheap way to create a mobile burner for many other reasons.

Here are two methods for creating a cheap and easy alcohol fueled burner out of aluminum cans.


Method 1: The Homemade Outdoor Luxe

This burner is a simple, open topped assembly.


Method 2: The PBR Burner

This version has a covered top, creating a bit more protection around your fuel.