Tips for Building Your Business

Tips for Building Your Business



We asked our lead instructor Sid this question and here was his response:


The next question that I've been asked is about building growth, and I comment on this in my 60 hour as well as in my other classes.

One of the things that has been tremendously successful, I hear pros and cons about it, but we can't outweigh what the pros are doing. If you're new at this and trying to establish your business, look at somebody like Angie's List or Home Advisor.

We used this many, many years ago when it was called Service Magic. It's changed its name since that time. I don't like to promote anything that I'm not sure of, but I do know that Angie's List and Home Advisor will get you jump started.

People right now are desperate for contractors out there. As you well know, we have a shortage in the trades, and because of that, I've actually got contractors telling me they're not even asking about the price anymore. They just want to be put on the list, quote unquote, to get their additions or their work done on their homes.

So again, have everything ready to go and be able to meet these customer demands because it's money for you. But again, if you're not positive on how to jumpstart your business and contact service... I'm sorry, not Service Magic, but Angie's List or Home Advisor, and get into the program, it'll definitely give you the leads that you're out there looking for.

Eventually, after you get enough leads, you'll build up your own rapport with your customers, and then word of mouth is still the best advertising that you can rely on.