5 Secret Weapons to Closing More Deals at Higher Price Points

5 Secret Weapons to Closing More Deals at Higher Price Points

5 Secret Weapons to Closing More Deals at Higher Price Points

Showing up differently is more important than ever if you want to close more deals at higher price points.

As a builder or remodeler, closing deals and competing with others in the market is becoming increasingly difficult. The phone's not ringing as it used to, and contracts have become less abundant. But fear not, as five secret weapons can help you close more sales at higher prices. We will explore these weapons and how they can help you build an Elite Builder Sales System.

First and foremost, it's important to understand that we have a sales funnel, and these weapons will help you move potential clients through the funnel from new leads to new clients. It's essential to have a consistent process in place to qualify leads and turn them into real opportunities.

So, what are these secret weapons? Let's dive in!

Weapon #1: Mini Website Card

The Mini Website Card is revolutionizing how home builders and remodelers close deals at higher prices. This cutting-edge technology starts with a Mini Website Card sent by text during the qualifying phone call.

The Mini Website Card offers a unique opportunity to impress clients from the very first call by taking them through your business before you even meet them. Sharing your contact info, social media, and testimonials will increase your credibility and create a lasting impression on potential clients.

The shock and wow factor is astounding - your approach will blow clients away, and they will recognize that you are setting yourself apart from your competitors. The Mini Website Card also provides a portal to your video and picture gallery and allows clients access to your calendar to book meetings directly with you. By creating an exceptional client experience and setting the tone from the beginning, you gain a significant competitive advantage and increase your chances of closing deals at higher price points.

The Mini Website Card is not just a sales tool - it's a game-changer for builders and remodelers who want to enhance their credibility and differentiate themselves in the industry. Your Mini Website Card is part 1 of taking your business to the next level.

Weapon #2: Shock and Wow Sales Package

The Shock & Wow Sales Package is the second of the five secret weapons for home builders and remodelers to blow away their clients and increase their chances of closing deals at higher prices. This comprehensive 25-point package is designed to answer all the questions and concerns swirling in the client's heads. By sharing this digitally after the qualifying call, clients will be amazed by the level of detail and the WOW factor that goes into every step of your process.

The Shock & Wow Sales Package includes everything from communication and use of technology to subcontractor relationships, guarantees, warranties, core values, software, scheduling, and more. By answering all your client's questions before they're asked, YOU WIN! It proves you understand their fears, concerns, and worries and have all the solutions that eliminate those fears.

Don't show up like everyone else. Stand out and blow your client's minds with the Shock & Wow Sales Package as weapon #2 in the process of closing more deals at higher price points.

Weapon #3: Cost Guide

The Cost Guide is a powerful tool that helps clients understand the entire build experience and associated costs, from the initial dream to the final product. We always send it digitally before our first meeting, along with a Shock & Wow Sales Package, to create another reason why you are the expert and the one providing all the value and solutions. By sharing detailed information such as on-site preparation and square footage costs, we prepare clients for what to expect, weed out those who can't afford to work with us, reducing time spent chasing bad leads dramatically.

As a qualifying tool, the Cost Guide is invaluable. It's a sales/marketing tool that sets us apart from other builders and increases our credibility, giving us another competitive edge. We use it to demonstrate our expertise and show clients the value they'll receive by working with us. Improving how we show up will close more deals at higher price points, even during an economic downturn. In fact, during a downturn is when it's more important than ever.

So let the Cost Guide be your guide and your 3rd weapon that helps ensure you close more deals at higher price points.

Weapon #4: Dream 100

After the initial client meeting, it's time to introduce the 4th secret weapon, the Dream 100. This is where we take things to the next level, in both client experience and our profits. We're not just providing cool ideas. We're sharing links and taking our clients to Pinterest pages to show them all the amazing things their projects could have.

We're showing things they've likely never dreamed of having in their home. Things like steam rooms, outdoor showers, heated driveways, simple things like custom storage compartments, hidden safe rooms, and so much more. These things will take their simple build to something extraordinary they'll have forever, and you'll be the one that made it possible. Of course, it also creates a chance to upsell, increasing the project price point and profitability.

With the Dream 100, we're giving them ideas and a tangible vision. We want our clients to see the potential of their project and all the possibilities they didn't even know existed. By sharing links and creating something extraordinary for them, we're not only providing a solution but blowing their minds again. Thanks to you, they'll have a project that's gone to a whole new level!

The Dream 100 gives us another chance to connect before we start estimating. Further building rapport and deepening your relationship in the process. It will no longer be just about the project. It will be about the experience you're creating. So let's start implementing the Dream 100 and take our clients' projects to a new level.

Weapon #5: Client Builder Scorecard

The Client Builder Scorecard is not just about having a scorecard. It's about setting it up properly so that your clients understand the depth of your commitment to the client experience. With the Client Builder Scorecard, you have a system to monitor and measure progress, ensuring that your team delivers the best possible experience for your clients.

The Client Builder Scorecard is not just a tool for you to use during the build; it's a sales tool to leverage. It shows your clients that you are serious about delivering results and hold yourself and your team accountable for your work. You can use this scorecard to keep your clients informed throughout the project, giving them the opportunity to communicate with you and share their thoughts, feelings, and expectations.

Using a simple Google form, you can measure key factors like sticking to a budget, use of technology, quality of workmanship, and responsiveness to job site issues. By setting expectations and tracking progress throughout the project, you can ensure that your clients are happy every step of the way. You'll be selling happiness through the client experience and quality workmanship, which is what people are willing to pay more for.

The Client Builder Scorecard is critical to your success in closing more deals at higher prices. It's a tool for building trust with your clients and setting yourself apart from the competition.

So you can start using the Client Builder Scorecard today and take your client experience to the next level. When you layer in the first 4 of these weapons and hit them with this, the 5th of the five secret weapons during the proposal meeting, you hammer in the final nail to closing more deals at the highest possible price. Period!


Employing the five secret weapons, we discussed is critical for builders and remodelers who want to close more deals and succeed profitably in today's shifted economy. By building an elite sales system and utilizing these tools, you will differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your chances of closing deals at higher price points.

At 4 Level Coach, we want to help you achieve this success. Our customized solutions are tailored to your unique situation, providing you with the right group of peers, tools, and guidance from an entrepreneur who has been in your shoes. Don't wait any longer. Step up your game, and start using these weapons to your advantage with the support of 4 Level Coach.