3 Business Tips for Michigan Contractors for Fall

3 Business Tips for Michigan Contractors for Fall

3 Business Tips for Michigan Contractors for Fall


Fall is a great time to welcome change and new ideas to keep your business on top of its game for the upcoming year. Whether it is by adding in new automation or staying on top of your finances, implementing new ideas can save your business in the long run. Here are 3 tips we have to help your contracting business grow in Michigan!

#1 Take Courses During Slower Time

While building doesn’t stop for most contractors no matter the season, the colder, less favorable weather can put a damper on job-site production. For the days that you are not on-site, nail down a time to get caught up on any certification renewals or courses you are interested in taking to stay up-to-date and service your clients better.

Check out these popular courses we offer that help satisfy any renewal or continuing education:

#2 Search for the Best Supply Costs

Fall is a great time to start looking at supply costs over the year and what you could do to improve them. Reaching out to your current suppliers and new ones could help you save money in the long run. Lumber, steel, roofing supplies, insulation, piping… we’ve all seen the cost of these materials go up astronomically due to the pandemic. It doesn’t hurt to go out of your normal circle of suppliers to find out if there is a better, still-qualified option to help keep money in your business.

#3 Survey & Strategize for Better Employee Retention

Our last tip might be the hardest to face on the list if you’ve struggled to retain employees, however, it’s crucial to figure out what keeps employees satisfied while working for your business. With a simple online search, you can easily find a survey platform to help you gain anonymous feedback from your employees about their working conditions, what they would like to see changed, what they are satisfied with, and what struggles they are having. Then, take time to analyze the data and see what adjustments are feasible to make for your business to help retain and gain new, more loyal employees.