How To Onboard An Employee

Congrats! You’re hiring someone!

Maybe it’s your first employee, maybe it’s number 50.

Now, what are you going to do?

Maybe, when you hire someone,  you tell them to meet you at the job on Monday at 8, introduce the new hire to the crew leader, get them started,  and then drive away.

But, how has that been working for you? Are you getting tons of positive results doing it that way?

Here are some tips that our friends at DYB Coach have for us….

Have your new hire meet you at your shop or somewhere you can sit have a cup of coffee and introduce them to the way you do things. Below we have listed the things that you should review and do with them.

Have your new employee download the needed apps on his smart phone-

Show them how to navigate each one, (punching in and out on time sheets, your project management software, your group communication app, etc..)  you want to make sure they are comfortable with them before walking out onto a job site. 

Let them know what is expected of them-

  • You want the habit of looking at the jobs on the project management system prior to actually going to work on the project.
  • Safety and clothing requirements for the jobs site, from branded shirts or uniforms to hard hats, they need to know.
  • Explain to them that they are expected to be on time, what that time is, and how long lunch is.


Introduce them to the crews-

If you have more than one job going at the same time make time visit at least two crews. On the first site, take the employee with you, (this gives you time to talk with him and explain more about how your company does things) and introduce them to the crew. This will help them to start being able to put a face to a name. They might not remember everybody’s name, but at least they’ve met the crew and you’ve shown the new hire that you care enough to bring them here.

On the second site have them take their car and meet you there. This is where you will introduce him to the crew leader and let them know they will be shadowing the leader for the day. (Your crew leader might have to hand him off to another seasoned employee depending on what the they have planned for the day.)



You cannot expect your new hire to know anything and even if he does, you can’t expect him know the correct way of doing things. The first few weeks the new hire is going to do the small stuff, and will be shown how to do it correctly. Once they have mastered that, it’s time to move them to the bigger things, all while showing them how you want it to be done. It might take more time at the beginning, even taking productive time away from the person who is training them, but it is an investment and in the long run you are showing them the efficient way of doing things. Ultimately, it will pay off and add cash back in your pocket.

Now, this might be a whole different way of doing things, but in the end it will help with your employee retention and the bottom line which is a chance to keep more employees and get more jobs.

You can follow the entire day of a new employee hiring process from our friends at DYB Coach by clicking here.

 Happy hiring!