There is a lot of competition out there for construction jobs but there are lots of things you can do to make your business stand out from the pack. When you show unique differences between you and competition you'll likely get awarded more jobs.

Build your power team of contractors, like plumbers, electricians, landscapers and the like. The better your network the better you can quickly bid and complete jobs and beat out the competition. Plus the more you pick up the phone and ask those contractors to join you on a job the more they are going to repay the favor.  

As a contractor, you can align yourself with real estate agents who know which homeowners are thinking of selling in the next few months. A motivated seller is going to want to have work done quickly. If your company can perform the job in the necessary timeline, you’ll earn the right to be on the real estate agent’s speed dial.

Another reason to know the local real estate scene is being aware of when a fixer-upper is on the market. You’ll have an inside scoop about why it’s on the market and how it got into such rough shape. Buy it to flip it. It’s a great opportunity to train your new people, and it allows you to get acquainted with the area and the neighbors. Word spreads fast when a company comes in to fix up the local eyesore, and it can stand as a testimony to how well your company can work together and turn the worst on the block to one of the best.

Forge your company into greatness by treating every job as a portfolio piece, and then using every opportunity to demonstrate its outstanding work ethic. Make your company the one your clients, neighbors and friends recommend, and you’ll never want for business again.