Balancing Work with Life

When you own your own business, you work. A lot. You use weekends, holidays and after hours to get caught up on email, phone calls and quotes. It’s what you have to do to stay on top of things, right? Not necessarily. You might be able to steal time away from your job and give it back to your home life by following these five tips:

Find a Routine

Structure your day around your internal clock. If you’re a morning person, get up a little earlier than usual and take care of those tasks you’d generally leave for the last minute. One school of thought is to knock down what you hate to do first, and that’ll free you up for the rest of the workday. If you’re a night person, schedule time in the evenings when you feel most awake to handle the bookkeeping or quotes.


Cut out the activities that suck your time away. Playing online games or following inconsequential dramas on social media can steal time from your workday without you even realizing it. Take 10 minutes out of every hour to return emails and phone calls. By changing things up and giving yourself different tasks, you’ll break up the monotony and stay more alert.


Delegate whenever possible. If you have employees, use them. You might find that the new gal is great at scheduling. Let her do it (you probably hated it anyway!) and that’ll free you up to write a quote, follow up with a customer or drive over to the worksite to check on a delivery.

One Thing at a Time

Multi-tasking is kind of a myth. You can’t do five things at once and do them well…even though you think you’re doing great. The potential for error is up to 40% higher when you do more than one thing at one time, and it takes you LONGER to do each task than doing one of them at a time. Think about the guy talking on his cell phone while driving: he’s driving slower without even realizing it. Do one task at a time and you’ll cut down on errors and save time.

Take a Time Out

Move away from the desk. Just 15 minutes of walking every day can help get your blood moving and that encourages creative thinking. Make time to walk, get fresh air and recharge your batteries. Make sure that you schedule in some downtime to be with the people you love most doing the activities that make you happiest. Your work life and home life both will thank you.