We asked our lead instructor Sid this question and here was his response:

All right. First and foremost, in renewing their license, they need to know that they're going to have to have at least a three-hour minimum competency requirement, a certificate that indicates that they've taken the continuing comp.

The second thing is of course to have a code book, because in the requirements for renewing your license, you're supposed to state that you do have an up-to-date code book in your possession.

But the other issue that's really becoming a problem is you can only renew online now. If you send your application in, until they change it, if they change it, in order to renew your license now you have to do it online. Sadly, some of the people don't have the capacity to do that themselves. They may not have a computer and Internet access, so they sometimes let that go because they don't have that system in place. Well, they can still accomplish that by finding a friend that has that capability, or going to the public library and getting assistance from them to renew their license online, or simply calling us at our 800-456-4020 number.