Technology is changing the way builders work. From automated hour tracking to instant messaging, business software is helping Michigan builders do more jobs, save materials, and meet deadlines. What are some of the ways modern communication technology can assist you?

  • Make payroll easier with time tracking applications. Instead of spending hours pouring over paper time cards and manually inputting figures, your software automatically keeps track of in and out punches, breaks, and overtime hours. Choose an app that allows workers to install an interface on their smartphones for even greater accuracy and convenience. Pick software that integrates with your accounting suite for seamless functionality.
  • Ensure every project you complete stays on schedule with project management software.  These specialized programs allow you to plan out every step of your project. It also helps guide decisions on the best way to allocate labor and other resources and serves as a gathering place for documents, blueprints, and team communications. With project management software, all of your leads and foremen can have access to the most up-to-date information on their specific project.
  • Instant messaging apps let you talk to multiple workers in real time without tying up phone lines. Create separate channels for each team to keep workers focused on their own tasks while seeking information. These applications are a necessity for foremen who are stretched too thin or overseeing complicated or sensitive projects.
  • Customer support software gives you the power to keep your clients happy without the need for extra office staff. Often called helpdesk software, these applications allow your clients to send messages, ask questions, and find information via the internet. Support software also features reporting capabilities that let you see where your customer outreach could be improved.

Modern technology reduces the amount of time you spend in the office so you can concentrate on building a safe and efficient business.