Michigan builders and maintenance and alteration contractors must renew their state-issued license every 3 years. As part of the renewal process, all applicants must complete certain continuing competency requirements. What are the continuing competency requirements for Michigan builders? What activities count towards these requirements?

Required Hours

The state of Michigan has different time and content requirements for builders based on the year their original license was issued. Licenses issued before January 1, 2009, need to complete 3 hours of instruction every 3 years. For licenses received after that date, builders must complete a minimum of 3 hours of competency training every year for the first six years, with a total of 18 hours needed every 3 years for renewal. After the sixth year, three hours of instruction every 3 years satisfies renewal regulations. The content of continuing competency courses must include:

  • 1-hour review of building codes and laws.
  • 1 hour of safety training.
  • 1-hour discussion on changes in business management laws as it relates to the construction industry.

While no documentation for continuing competency courses is submitted with the renewal application, candidates should ask instructors for proof of participation. The state can audit applications up to 5 years after submission.

Approved Courses and Activities

There are a variety of classes, lectures, and activities builders can use to satisfy continuing competency requirements.

  • Prelicensure courses
  • Update courses from the Bureau of Construction Codes
  • MIOSHA safety classes
  • Construction coursework from a traditional college
  • School-sponsored mentoring programs
  • Construction-related conferences, seminars, and workshops 

More experienced license holders can earn competency credits by teaching a course, facilitating a program, or serving on some advisory boards and committees. Distance learning classes are valid ways to fulfill this requirement.

Applicants who fail to complete the continuing competency requirements are not allowed to take contractor work in Michigan. Be sure to check your continuing competency credits before your next renewal date.