Searching for a new hire seems time-consuming. You may spend days or even weeks looking for potential candidates and going through different resumes. When you use job boards to find a candidate, you will notice that you are bogged down with resumes. You do not have the time to go through every resume you receive on a job board, so you need to find a way to manage your time and cut back on the unnecessary babble of poor candidates for your position.

Cut Out The Middle Man

While job boards are a great way to inform potential employees that you are hiring, you do not want to waste time on hundreds of resumes. A key way to cut back on the number of resumes you receive is requiring the candidates to apply for a position on your website. Tell them directly in the ad, but put the directions at the bottom of the ad. By placing it at the bottom, you know that the candidate read the entire ad. You also want to inform them to read the ad at the top of the page to find out who follows directions and who do not. 

Ignore any resumes from the job boards. They did not follow directions. You do not want to hire candidates who do not follow instructions.

Make the Application Complex

Do not make the application page on your company website easy. Ask candidates to fill out a questionnaire or to fill in information on the website that takes time. Eliminate candidates who do not complete the application.

Set Up Interviews

When a candidate completes the application, direct them to select an interview time on a given schedule. You want to block off the time based on the number of candidates you want for the interviews. For example, if you want 16 candidates, then set up a one hour interview for two days. If you want more candidates, then shorten your interview to 30 minutes. Set up the interviews so that only those who apply first and book an interview go through to the phone interviews. You can also have your candidates take an active role by requiring them to call the number at the time they requested for the interview.

Time management is essential for the hiring process. You do not want to waste time trying to sort through resumes from a third party job board. By setting up clear instructions, you cut back on the noise and find the right professionals for your company.