Michigan Builder's License Offers Pre-License Course at Lowest Price

In an effort to help aspiring builders in Michigan achieve their dream of earning a  builders license,  Michigan Builders License has dropped prices for their pre-license courses to the lowest level ever. 

The company, one of the nation’s premiere providers of professional certification training software, offers the highest-quality pre-license courses available. Now, they are giving aspiring builders the lowest priced option on the market. 

There is no drop in quality for the lower price. While competitors offer low quality training at a higher price, Michigan Builders License has taken the extraordinary step of doing just the opposite: Providing the best, state-approved training available at the lowest price. 

Why are we lowering the price for the Pre-License Courses?

For those at Michigan Builders License, who have helped builders prepare for their builders exam since 1982, it came down to an issue of fairness. They found it unfair that some people could not afford to take the higher quality courses, and decided to drop their prices. 

“At Michigan Builders License we understand the challenges in getting your builders license, “ said Derek Woryn, chief executive officer at Michigan Builders License. “We decided to take the step of lowering prices in an effort to make the process more affordable to aspiring builders.” 

The 60-hour coursework prepares builders for the Michigan Builders Exam. The courses are available both online and in traditional classrooms. 

The online version allows purchasers to begin right away, doing the coursework around their own schedule from their home, office or anywhere they have an internet connection. The program is divided into 30-minute video sections with a “knowledge check” at the end of each video. A completion certificate is available after all sections are finished. 

The live classrooms are available in locations in Livonia, Bloomfield Hills and Grand Rapids. These are two-week, accelerated courses. Classes are conveniently offered both during the day and in the evening. 

With the high quality of Michigan Builders License courses, coupled with the lowest price ever, there has never been a better time for aspiring builders to take the pre-license courses that will pave the way to earning a Michigan Builders License.

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