Hiring a new employee can seem exhausting. You waste time on frivolous activities like taking multiple interviews, rifling through hundreds of resumes and hoping that you pick out someone who fits your needs. The problem with that process of hiring is that you rarely find a winner and you end up wasting time and resources. Fortunately, you can cut back on the time you waste by adjusting your process.

Set Clear Rules for Your Candidates

Before you get a single application or resume, you want to set clear rules for the candidates. Give them directions that they must follow to qualify for a position. A simple way to handle the process is requiring all candidates to apply through your company website. Any applications that come from a third party are tossed aside in favor of those who followed the directions. You then want to have your candidates follow a complicated set of instructions to fill out an application. You can set up a questionnaire to learn more about a candidate's mindset or you can have candidates record a video. The key is having strict instructions they must follow to qualify for an interview.

Create a Schedule of Appointments

After your candidates apply for the position and follow all of the rules, allow them to schedule an interview. You can set it up as a first come, first served basis that limits the number of candidates for the initial phone interview. Set it up for a set number of days and times. Ask the candidate to call a provided number at the time they schedule their interview. By requiring your candidates to call, they show interest in the position and must continue to follow directions.

Give a Phone Interview

The phone interview should fit in the scheduled appointment time. That means if you schedule each interview for 30 minutes, then you want to keep the interview short and pick out very specific questions. You also want to tell your candidates about your company goals to ensure they are a good fit for the business. 

Follow Through

The final step of hiring a winner for your business is following through. When you narrow down your choices through a phone interview, set up a follow-up interview with the best candidates. 

Hiring the right professional for a position means you want someone who follows directions and doesn't give up when it takes time to complete your instructions. The key is setting up your system to eliminate candidates who are not motivated to keep trying and working toward a goal.