Hire All Star Employees

Most of us started out as painters or handymen. Then becoming great at our craft, eventually we decided to go into business and now things are different.

Very different…

You don’t have time to  get your hands dirty as much or sometimes even at all.

Now, you depend on other people to help you get the job done.

If you’re like me, I hated hiring people. 

I always worried that the new guy was not going to fit or I’d hire a great person, but not be able to keep him busy.

Can you relate?

The most difficult part of being a builder is not getting work; it is getting the work done. 

We need to hire the right people to build an All-Star Team.

In the last year, I have made it one of my goals to constantly be looking for an ALL-STAR team member.

My attitude has changed about hiring, I put ads on all the hiring sites and constantly looked at resumés.

We cannot get the work done without workers.

When I find an All-Star, I hire him/her immediately, then I worry about getting the work.

See the reversal of thinking?

I used to wait until I need someone before hiring.

However, the work is much easier to sell when I find a candidate I like first.

I will call and talk to my candidate over the phone and invite them to fill out an application.

Once done with the application, I use the DYB 11 Questions to Hire an All-Star.

His/her responses to those questions while interviewing will let me know if they will be a good fit for our All-Star Team straight away.

Every time.

Most of the time, without him/her even realizing that s/he is revealing his/her character, before I commit to hiring.

Once the background check is completed, I will get them started by onboarding them with their own company email and access to all apps that we use, giving them the tools for success.

The next season is only going to get harder to find good guys. Gals too.

NOW is the time to start hiring!

To make it easier for you, download DYB Coach's FREE 11 Hiring Interview Questions here.

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