Best Places to Fish in Michigan

With the good management practices instituted over the years, Michigan fisheries are once again teeming with fresh stock. This spring promises to be an exciting one for fishing enthusiasts of all types. Here are some of the best places to catch your favorite fish this season according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Upper Peninsula

The UP supports numerous lakes, streams, and ponds with an astounding variety of species. Until late April, fishery experts expect Lake Superior to produce large amounts of rainbow smelt. The western inland lakes boast enough bass and crappie to satisfy everyone in your family. Coho salmon, steelheads, and walleye are plentiful in the northeastern part of the UP. Lake Superior is expected to continue to produce larger-than-average steelhead throughout the season. Wall-eye anglers should check out Pine, Culhane, Au Train, and Bodi Lakes for big yields. Travel to the northern coast of Lake Huron early in the season for a chance to snag some Atlantic salmon. Enjoy the peaceful calm and seclusion of UP lakes and streams while filling your boat with your favorite catch. 

Lower Peninsula

The more densely-populated lower peninsula is still expected to give Michigan fishers above-average catches this season. Mullet Lake should produce a strong stock of walleye between 15 and 20 inches in length. Over the last several years, the Grand River has been stocked with farmed walleye. This year, fishers can catch them almost anywhere on the river from Jackson all the way to the mouth. Southwestern rivers are yielding huge numbers of steelhead with regular reports of catches weighing over 10 lbs each. Bass and panfish lovers in the southwest should wait until May and June to snag their preferred fish. Lake St. Clair continues to provide more catches than Huron, Michigan, and Superior combined. This lake holds enough muskie, trout, salmon, and walleye to keep you occupied all season long.

Spring in Michigan is a uniquely beautiful experience. Enjoy the fresh weather, new foliage, and breathtaking views while fishing in your favorite part of the state.