According to a recent article from MLive, employers across the state of Michigan need at least 80,000 additional skilled laborers to meet their current demand. While this statistic affects all industries, building firms are often hit hardest by the lack of qualified and available workers. How can builders retain their employees without endangering their bottom line? Here are some ways to keep your workers happy in a competitive job market.

  • Make safety a priority. Employees are more satisfied with their current positions when they know their health is important to their employer. Establish clear and reasonable safety protocols to ensure your workers always go home at the end of their shifts.
  • Create training opportunities. On-the-job training benefits workers by giving them a direct path to earning higher wages. It also helps employers ensure their staff roster is filled with skilled workers.
  • Strive for consistency. Irregular hours and seasonal work take a toll on workers' personal finances. Skilled workers are more likely to choose positions that promise regular paychecks and predictable work schedules.
  • Invest in equipment maintenance. Broken or improperly functioning equipment is a safety hazard. It is also a frustration that highly-qualified employees don't want to deal with. Keep your tools in top shape so workers won't waste time and energy.
  • Open the lines of communication. Hold weekly meetings to update your staff on recent developments within the company. Create an outlet that allows workers to anonymously report problems and concerns. Designate a staff member to promptly address each issue.
  • Offer education credits. Help workers improve their skills by giving them monetary rewards for completing formal education courses through local trade schools or community colleges.
  • Show your appreciation. Holiday bonuses, company-sponsored picnics, and sports competitions are great ways to bring your team together, build pleasant memories, and increase employee satisfaction.

It doesn't take a lot of money to keep your construction employees happy. Show your workers how valuable they really are to keep them from seeking greener pastures