5 Design Trends in New Home Construction for 2018

According to the United States Census Bureau, there were 1,287,000 new housing starts nationwide in April 2018. This represents a 3.7 % increase from the previous month.  Michigan builders can take advantage of this upswing in new home demand. These 5 design elements are popular trends in newly constructed residential homes that your customers may request this season.

Compact Spaces with Open Designs

Modern homeowners are abandoning the large, estate-like dwellings of the recent past. Average home size in the United States has been shrinking since 2007. This trend is expected to continue as new home builders opt for smaller rooms with less storage space than traditional designs. This doesn't mean, however, that homeowners are trying to hide. Instead, the new generation of residential construction clients wants large windows, natural light, and open floor plans that allow them to incorporate their surroundings into their daily lives. These elements make rooms feel more spacious without sacrificing coziness.

Open Kitchens and Blended Rooms

Kitchens that open into the living or family room let homeowners join in group activities while preparing food and drinks. These designs are popular with younger buyers who enjoy socializing at home. Wood-paneled refrigerators, recessed appliances, and matching flooring create a seamless flow from one room to the next. Today's decorators are opting for shiny copper, brass, or rose-gold hardware in food preparation areas.

Outdoor Areas

As Americans reduce their indoor living space, outdoor areas gain importance. In fact, a recent study from Wakefield Research noted that 56% of new home buyers would willingly sacrifice indoor square footage for usable outdoor space. Backyard fire pits, swimming pools, and animal play yards are just a few options clients are planning for their new homes.

Integrated Technology

Homeowners are using advancements in personal electronics to customize their homes, increase security, and make daily tasks easier. From smart appliances to app-activated water heaters, technology is changing the expectations of modern homeowners. Digital butlers, behavior-tracking thermostats, and high-end surveillance systems top the list of consumer desires.

Energy Efficiency

The trend towards ecologically-sound living can be seen in today's new housing designs. Extra insulation, solar energy installations, and architectural modifications aimed at reducing the need for indoor climate control help new homeowners save nonrenewable resources and lower some monthly utility bills. Non-traditional building materials may be incorporated into the design as well.

These five trends are gaining popularity in new home starts in 2018. Make sure your team is ready to provide these features for your Michigan-based clients.