4 Ways to Get More Time

Vacation? I can’t tell you the last time I truly got to relax on vacation or even the last time I had a vacation.

I am too busy to be able to do….

Do these statements sound familiar?  

If so, there are 4 software services that our friends at DYB Coach found that help them with their building business, and will help you free up your time in your business, doing so in the easiest way possible.

You might feel that you are doing fine, even though you are busy, its ok.

You might not feel that you are great with technology….

But these are user friendly, easy to use programs.

Just give them a try, because saving time isn’t a bad thing! 

4 things to free your time…

1: Time Tracking Software

 T-Sheets a software created Quicken helps with time management and time tracking.

 You can have all your jobs asserted to T-sheets, which allows your guys punch in, and punch out remotely from their phone.

 Why does this help?

Because you don’t have to be around on Sundays to get a summation of all the work that was done. No more paper time slips or anything else that you have hassled with in the past.

 2: Get a Project Management Software

 Basecamp is a project management software.

This is where all the projects are loaded, the crew leaders are able to access the work orders, and they are able to share pictures with you, and share pictures with the homeowners.

Basecamp allows you to track everything, and you are able to create checklists so the crew leaders know what to do, what to check, and make sure it’s been done.

And wonderfully you don’t have to be there, you can access it anywhere from your phone, iPad or laptop.

3: Install a CRM

Finding the right CRM can seem overwhelming, but go with a software that you can try and slowly build on it from there. Pipeline Deals is a good one to start with.

Unlike before, if you or one of your workers wanted a homeowner’s phone number, you would have to go look for it, on your desk, in your recent calls or even in your work truck, but not anymore.

It’s basically a Rolodex on the computer, you can access it on any device, so everyone has the homeowner’s contact information. 

You can store all the colors for the project, upload all the files pertaining to that project, store estimates and anything else that you have.

Also searching is easy. You can search by their names, by their address, and you can even search by a word.

Access all your projects information in just a click of a button.

4: Use an Estimating Software

 Estimate Rocket has a great trial period, 30-day free trial.

It’s very adaptable for anything you do. You can save portions of your work, so you don’t have to re-key a whole paragraph or a description of work, and it’s very easy and professional looking too.

When you send an estimate, you can also start an email campaign, with pre-loaded emails that are editable, and can be sent out to follow up on the proposal one day, three days, seven days, fourteen days, or really any amount of days you choose.

This will eliminate the question of whether or not your potential client received your proposal email or even having to ask the question, “Should I follow up?”

These 4 main software companies are easy to install, affordable to put into play, and they all have trial periods. So if you don’t really like it, you don’t have to continue with it.

Now go try these to help you through your work, to have less time in the field, and more time doing the things you want and being with the ones you love.