3 Ways to Prepare for Hunting Season in Michigan

The 2019 firearm deer hunting season is underway tomorrow. Perhaps the biggest day of the year in a state known for it's passion for hunting. Venison steaks, jerky and all the favorites will soon be making their way to dinner tables all over. As good as the bounty of deer for many the challenge is all about the hunt. The almost spiritual experience of a hunting mission also often provides a time for generations to pass down hunting techniques and life lessons down to sons, friends and other family members. It's truly almost a state holiday when firearm deer hunting season gets underway in mid-November.

Here are 3 ways you can prepare.

Be in Compliance

Make sure you have all the appropriate licenses and are familiar with the regulations. You’ll want to visit the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) homepage and review all advisories and rules. As they say, know before you go. You do not want a costly ticket or to be otherwise be on the wrong side of rules and regulations.

Make sure Your Gear is Ready 

Hunting is a great way to enjoy the unique beauty of fall in Michigan. However, it's important to make sure your camping gear is ready for the unpredictable weather, especially for hunters in the Upper Peninsula. Check tents, sleeping bags, and tarps for holes and other damage. Stock up on odor-proof bags and containers. Also beware of bears and keep your food, trash, and personal items safe from the black bears' incredible sense of smell. Brush up on your bear-proofing techniques.

Sharpen Your Skills

Practice, practice, practice. Go to the range and sharpen your training with your gun and gun safety techniques. When your prey is in your sight, you need every shot to count. Make sure you're ready with a few visits to your local shooting range. Try to extend your practice distance as far as possible. This will give you the best chance of successfully getting a huge deer. Experienced hunters could also benefit from these classes. An online class is a quick way to refresh your memory on the finer points of safe hunting.

 Good luck and stay safe out there from Michigan Builders License.