If you’re a survivalist and you don’t know a few uses for WD-40, then you have been probably living under a rock. No American prepper or survivalist is not without a list of uses for WD-40. Growing up, I was always (jokingly) told that ” It ain’t broken unless you can’t fix it with duct tape or WD-40″. I wanted to take a moment to focus on WD-40. Most of us already know how handy this slippery liquid can be. But do you know exactly how many different uses there really are for it? I recently found a site that lists over 2,000 different uses for it and I have to say that some of them were pretty interesting. Read on to find out what they are.

The Thousands of Uses for WD-40 You Need to Know!

 WD-40 Uses on Cars and Vehicles

  • Buff out scuff marks on bumpers
  • Gets gunk off steering wheel mechanism
  • Lubricates axles on miniature racing cars
  • Removes road debris from license plate
  • Helps remove protective coverings from new cars
  • Lubricates gear sprockets on mountain bikes
  • Lubricates joints on golf pull-carts
  • Removes melted gum from dashboards
  • Removes scuff marks from cars caused by shopping carts
  • Spray on suspension gaskets to resist deterioration
  • Spray on a rag and wipe steering wheel and gearshift knobs to keep them grease-free and grip-able
  • Cleans gunk from electrical contacts
  • Removes carbon residue from spark plugs
  • Cleans pin striping tape from the car
  • Cleans ignition wires
  • Removes crayon from the dashboard
  • Cleans spare tire mount under the pickup bed
  • Cleans gunk off snow chains
  • Lubricates sail tracks
  • Lubricates tiller arm on a sailboat
  • Removes melted rubber from exhaust pipes
  • Prevents oxidation on battery connections
  • Removes pine tar from truck bed covers
  • Lubricates pedals of paddle boats
  • Loosens swivel on bicycle handlebars
  • Lubricates gears on exercise bikes
  • Cleans gummy buildup from steering wheels
  • Winterizes engine parts to prevent from rusting and corrosion
  • Use WD-40 to polish car

Home  and Garden

  • Helps remove skid marks from cement
  • Cleans salt-impregnated ice from the soles of Doctor Marten’s boots
  • Removes cell phone antenna glue from glass
  • Cleans bugs from a rooftop cellular antenna
  • Removes grime from a cellular antenna to improve reception
  • Removes gum from floorboards
  • Cleans gum from door sills
  • Cleans sand from door joints
  • Removes gum from floor mats
  • Removes gum stuck in door locks
  • Use on swamp cooler to prevent burnout or seizing
  • Removes crayon from vinyl surfaces
  • Removes debris stuck on floor mats
  • Coat the wires in tomato cages to keep insects away
  • Spray on hole diggers to slide off the dirt easily
  • Make homemade rust remover from WD-40
  • Keeps clay from sticking to a shovel
  • Prevents rake from rusting

Outdoor Survival

  • Lubricates gun strap hardware
  • Lubricates potato guns
  • Loosens chainsaw triggers
  • Lubricates sling swivels on hunting rifles
  • Lubricates handheld clay pigeon launcher
  • Removes tree sap from tree snippers
  • Lubricate pellet guns
  • Lubricate hinges on crawfish traps
  • Spray fishing bait to mask the scent of a human on the bait
  • Make catfish bait with chicken, garlic powder, and liquid WD-40
  • Cleans and protects the underside of cast iron skillet
  • Cleans build-up on a hedge trimmer

And just in case you’re wondering if and when you should use WD-40 or Duct tape, here is a handy-dandy flowchart I also found online.

These are just some of the uses for WD-40 from the ultimate list we found. Be sure to check out the rest of the uses for WD-40 in this pdf file.

We cannot stress enough the importance of WD-40 in a household and in your everyday goings-on. These 2000 and counting uses for WD-40 are more than enough but we are sure there are plenty more. We are also sure survivalist and preppers are the first ones to find more practical and survival uses for WD-40. We will keep you posted and updated with more inventions for WD-40 survival uses!

Survival Life: https://survivallife.com/uses-for-wd-40/?utm_source=sl&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=slnl20180821